Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Business

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If your business does not have a solid presence on social media, you’re leaving lots of money on the table and placing a limit on the profit you’re able to generate – regardless of what industry you are in. 

In this article, we will take a look at the Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Business and discuss how to extract the most value out of each of them.


1. Facebook

Facebook is, without a doubt, the number 1 social media platform for business and that is largely due to its paid media product and the fact that it has over 1.62 billion active users across the globe each day. Think about that – 21% of the earth’s population spends some time on Facebook every single day! On average, how much time do these users spend on Facebook each day? The answer is 58 minutes.

Through a strategic use of Facebook’s ad product, which enables you to run a variety of adverts to a very specific target audience, you are able to get your business seen by hundreds of thousands of people who display similar attributes to that of your ideal customer, and compel them to ‘take action’ after seeing your advert.

Upon engaging with the content you have served them, individuals within your target audience can choose to visit your website, send you a message, email you, phone you, etc.

Facebook’s ad product comes at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising products such as magazine ads and billboards. You’re also able to view the analytics of each ad, track its performance and optimize it accordingly.


2. Instagram

Since it is owned by Facebook and integrates with the exact same advertising product explained above, it’s no wonder Instagram is second on the list of Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Business.

With over 500 million daily active users around the world, most of which are between the ages of 18 and 34, Instagram is a social media platform which holds an incredible amount of value for your business.

If you’re not serving ads to your target audience on Instagram, especially if your ideal customer is under the age of 45 years old, you’re missing out on an underpriced opportunity to get your product or service seen by hundreds of thousands of potential customers.


3. WhatsApp

WhatsApp – another platform which is owned by Facebook – is a tool which most businesses overlook, perhaps because business owners view WhatsApp as being more of a ‘personal’ messaging service which doesn’t lend itself to business use. Whilst understandable, this is an assumption you’d be mistaken in making.

Introducing WhatsApp business – a free-to-download app which is suitable for small businesses to showcase their products and services and communicate with their customers through WhatsApp.

Think about it, what messaging app do you use the most in your day to day life? The answer is most likely WhatsApp – don’t you think there’s a chance your customers spend a lot of time on WhatsApp too?

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, WhatsApp does not have a paid media product – yet.

But that’s okay. Your reasons for being on WhatsApp are different to your reasons for having a presence on Facebook and Instagram. Being on WhatsApp allows your customers to have a frictionless means of contacting your business and having a conversation with you.

Whether they’re enquiring about an online purchase, following up on a Doctor’s appointment or placing an order with a restaurant, being able to communicate with the respective businesses on WhatsApp would be a huge time and effort saver for most people.

Expand your customer service to WhatsApp and watch how your brand flourishes due to the added value you’re providing to your customers. 

Pro Tip: Having an active WhatsApp presence and encouraging your customers to communicate with you on WhatsApp is also a clever way to build a database of cell phone numbers for remarketing purposes through an SMS / WhatsApp campaign at a later stage when you’re looking to run a promotion.


4. Messenger

Messenger, a platform which is also owned by and integrates directly with Facebook, is similar to WhatsApp in that it facilitates conversation between your business and your customers.

As explained by Facebook, ‘messaging inspires trust’ and Messenger enables you to ‘turn conversation into customer loyalty.’ In a nutshell, Messenger is a tool which, if utilised correctly, will take your customer service game to new heights and put your brand a step above your competitors.

Facebook’s paid media product also offers Messenger as a possible placement for the targeted ad campaigns your business works on. There are many other features provided by Messenger, such as the ability to enable transactions directly in the conversation with your customers and automate a lot of your customer service through the use of chatbots. 


5. Twitter

Twitter is the only social media platform mentioned in this article which is not owned by Facebook, but it is most certainly a very valuable platform for your business to have an active presence on.

Through short messages, or ‘tweets’, you are able to communicate with your customers in an open forum and get to the point of your message quickly, thanks to the character limit imposed by Twitter.

Twitter can be a very powerful tool for building brand awareness and having a direct line of contact between your business and its customers.

Pro Tip: Use Twitter as a search engine by using the search bar to find tweets with key words relating to your business, industry and competitors. This enables you to see what people are saying about your business, industry and competitors and provides an opportunity for you to join the conversation and use it to your advantage.


There you have it – our Top 5 Social Media Platforms For Business.

For more information on how you can get the most out of each of these platforms and ultimately improve your business’s bottom line, feel free to get in touch with Level Up Media.

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