Starting An Online Store In South Africa In 2021 - FREE eBook

Starting An Online Store In South Africa In 2021 - FREE eBook

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This eBook was written for anyone in South Africa who is looking to escape the ‘rat race’ and start living their life on their terms. If you’re looking to become financially independent by earning an income through your own online business, or if you are keen to have your own side hustle, this eBook is for you. No matter your age, location or current occupation, it is never too late – nor too early – for you to start your own online store and enter the e- commerce world.

Whether you are a student, young adult, middle aged parent or even a pensioner, e-commerce is an industry which absolutely anyone can be successful in. The possibilities are infinite, and the sky is the limit, so learn from this eBook, get started, persevere and – most importantly – have fun.


  1. About The Author
  2. Why Start An Online Store
  3. Find A Winning Product
  4. Importing A Product Into South Africa
  5. Setting Up Your Online Store
  6. Content Is King
  7. Accepting Payments Online
  8. Finding A Courier Partner
  9. Know Your Shopify Fees
  10. Legal Policies
  11. Fulfilling Orders
  12. Rinse, Improve & Repeat
  13. A Note From The Author